Welcome!  The set of symbols you see on my main page and to the left are the Alchemical symbols for Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit (from bottom to top).  I have chosen them to represent my practice of Tarot as each is linked through many hundreds of years of tradition and exploration to the forces that move and shape our lives.


 In the practice of Tarot, I call myself SylvanCreek, as I have a great love of the woods and the waters. I enjoy reading the Tarot for myself and others, and studying its fascinating history. Being of service to others has always been important to me, so I volunteer my time in my local community in several different ways.  Being a reader of the Tarot is yet another way for me to help others.


In 2002, I decided to pursue serious study of  the Tarot after years of passing familiarity.  I found that the occasional readings I did for other people and myself were accurate and meaningful, so I felt it worth pursuing more knowledge to see if this was just a just a quirk or a talent that was ready to develop and use.  Since this page exists and you are reading it, you can see that the latter path was taken!. 


I strive to provide insight, clarity and guidance in my work with the Tarot.  I honor the historical origins and influences of the Tarot while remaining aware of the complexities and cultural influences of modern life.  I  firmly believe in the universal nature of cause and effect, as well as the force of free will that all of us have to make choices in our lives.


It is my experience that the more one studies the Tarot, looking at history, criticism, multiple influences and alternate opinions, the better one can be prepared to put the energy of the Tarot to good use personally and for other people.  At the same time, you can also enhance a reading by listening to what your inmost voice tells you about the symbols and images of the cards.  Thus, I  have found that combining the Traditional and the Intuitive is a method that provides depth, insight and clarity to readings.


I own a variety of decks, of which I mainly use the Rider-Waite, the Robin Wood and the DruidCraft for doing readings.  I use a variety of spreads that I select and / or tailor to best fit the questions of my clients. 


I co-lead a Tarot study group in Portland, Oregon, and enjoy teaching others the methods of the Tarot.  I study in several esoteric and metaphysical disciplines as I continue to educate myself about Tarot and work on higher levels of professional certification.


As a member of the American Tarot Association, I am proud to subscribe to their Code of Ethics and have my own Code of Ethics in addition. I read for two of the free networks operated by the ATA (listed on the links page) and also act  as a mentor for new readers.


Please explore this site and discover more about this fascinating tradition called the Tarot, as well as the services I offer. You are welcome to write me with any questions or comments you have about the Tarot.


I look forward to helping you in the future. 


Peace and Blessings,