Links of Interest

Here are some links of interest regarding Tarot. I hope you find them interesting and useful.


American Tarot Association

Canadian Tarot Network

Tarot Association of the British Isles


Certification Groups

Tarot Certification Board of America

American Board for Tarot Certification


Reading Networks

(free readings offered, but hard to get)

Free Tarot Network -- sponsored by the American Tarot Association

Free Reading Network -- sponsored by the American Tarot Association



Other Readers Sites that are very much worth exploring

Tarot Journey -- a very useful site for the study of Tarot, authored by a true expert in the study of Tarot

Tarot Goddess -- the site for another very wise Tarot reader who is one of my Mentors

Tarot Moon -- the site of a reader and Tarot scholar from whom I have learned much


Other Links

Portland Tarot Study Group -- our local Tarot Study Group

Llewellyn Publications -- publishers of some of the best books about Tarot

US Games Systems -- publishers of many of the Tarot decks in use today.

Robin Wood -- the site of an incredibly talented Artist and developer of the deck I use the most.

Aeclectic Tarot -- one of the best reference sites for Tarot

Tarot Connection -- the leading podcast about Tarot


Books about Tarot to be supplied