You can contact SylvanCreek via  at any time.  Please allow a reasonable time for a response.

 Please be so kind as to put the subject of your inquiry into the subject line of your email.


For Parties, In Person Readings, Gift Certificates


Please contact SylvanCreek via email above with your request.


For Email Readings


Please use the link above to send requests for readings.  Please include in your message the following information:

(You can copy the following items into your email if that helps)


1) Your Name

2) Your Birthdate

3) Your Location (City, State or Province, Country only)

4) Your Gender

5) Your Email address for my response

6) Your Question for the Tarot  (see this link about Good Questions for the Tarot)

7) Any other information you feel I should know for the reading

8) Which reading size you would like (see the Reading Request page)


I will respond back to you to arrange payment and will begin work on your reading once payment is received.