A space is cleared to allow dealing of the 10 cards in the manner shown in the diagram. 



Beginning the reading.


If a Significator is to be used, it is chosen first via what ever technique the reader and client desire.    It may be chosen in any number of ways, or assumed to be present even if not dealt.    


In the traditional method of performing a reading using this card, when the reading starts, the reader says:


S.       This is you. (The Significator – Optional Card)


This card symbolically represents the client. It has no positional meaning in the spread, but may be used when interpreting the cards by looking at the relationship between the Significator any of the other individual cards. 


Once this card is placed (if used), the reading proceeds as follows:


After shuffling and cutting the deck appropriately, the reader deals the cards one at a time face up from the top of the deck.  The position meanings and placements are described below. 


The first card is dealt on top of the Significator (if present), slightly offset.  In the tradition, the reader says:


1. This card covers you.


This first card represents the present state, situation, inner state or environment of the client.  It points to the primary influence or factor which is affecting the person or the heart of the matter of the enquiry.  It can be interpreted as, the atmosphere in which the question is being asked.


The second card is dealt on top of the first card, rotated a quarter turn clockwise.  It is considered reversed if the top of the card is to the left.  In the tradition, the reader says:


2. This crosses you


This second card represents the immediate obstacles or challenges that are faced, an opposing factor, or the outer situation or state of mind. It shows the nature of the obstacles in the matter. If this is a favorable card, the opposing forces will not be serious, or it may indicate that something good in itself will be productive of good in this particular connection.  It may also point to a factor for change, and may also point to something that reinforces the present state of affairs indicated by the “cover” card.


The third card is dealt above the first two. In the tradition, the reader says:


3. This crowns you.


This card represents the client's aims, goals, purpose or ideals in the matter. As an underlying meaning, it can indicate the best that can be achieved under the circumstances but that which has not yet been made a reality.  It can point to the attitudes and beliefs of the client, or a conscious influence on the situation, or state of mind.


The fourth card is dealt below the first two. In the tradition, the reader says:


4. This is beneath you.


This card shows the foundation or basis of the matter, the root cause, or an influence which might be fundamental, elemental, unrecognized or unconscious.  It can also point to an influence from an earlier time.  It also points to that which has already passed into actuality and which the Significator has made his own.


The fifth card is dealt to the left of the first two cards if no Significator is used. 


If a Significator is used, then the following can be done:  If the image on the Significator card is facing right, then the fifth card is placed on the left of the first two cards. If the image is facing left, then it is placed on the right.  If the image cannot be determined to be facing either direction, the card is placed on the left.


In the tradition, the reader says:


5. This is behind you.


This card points to the influence that has just past or is passing away.  It can indicate the past in general, some factor that has been resolved or one that is losing importance.  At times it can indicate something that is unnecessary or no longer useful.


The sixth card is dealt on the opposite side of the first two cards from the fifth card.


In the tradition, the reader says:


6. This is before you.


This card describes the influence that is coming into action and will operate in the near future.  It can point to something that will need to be taken care of or something that is present but not yet recognized.  At times, it may also indicate something that is to be welcomed and made use of in life.


This completes the Chalice part of the spread.  The cards dealt so far should now look like a Cross of four arms, with two cards in the middle, not counting the Significator.


The next four cards are turned up in succession and placed in a line by the right side of the others.


The seventh card is at the bottom of this line.  In the tradition, the reader says:


7. This is you.


This card signifies the client and shows how the client perceives him or herself in the situation enquired about.  It can describe the state of being, presentation or perception of the client, and point to any individual energies the client brings into the situation. The attitude and influence of the client, and the role they play in the situation is key here.  It can also represent the qualities of what is or what could be related to the client in the situation.


The eighth card is dealt just above the seventh card.  In the tradition, the reader says:


8. This is your House.


This card represents the environment around the client and the situation, and the tendencies at work which have an effect on the matter.  This may include the actual physical or emotional climate, or the influences and expectations of other people, or a context provided by previous events. It may also point to how others view the situation, or how they view the client.


The ninth card is placed above the eighth.  In the tradition the reader says:


9. These are your hopes and fears.


This card points to the hopes and fears of the client in the situation.  These may be latent and hidden, something that may not have been considered, or something that is elemental and needs to be recognized.  It can also point to guidance, how to proceed, a warning to heed or an assessment of the truth of the situation.


The tenth card is place above the ninth.  In the tradition, the reader says:


10. This is the final result.


This card represents the culmination which is brought about by the influences shown by the other cards in the spread.  It indicates a likely outcome, a probable result, a direction that is being set, and the form that a resolution may take.  It can also point to the inner state of the client, regarding feelings, understandings, and attitudes at the time of the end of the matter.  It can point to actions that need to be taken, and the effect on others and the situation at hand.


If this card needs clarification, deal two more cards to the right, and treat all three as the final result.


This concludes the spread.